Nintendo Switch Announcements and What it Means

I may not be a Nintendo fan, I have not owned a Nintendo console since the GameCube. But, I understand the appeal of the Switch. Lets start with what I believe is the dark horse of everything they announced last night. The switch will charge via USB-C, and may I just say, THANK GOD! What others may not have thought about, is what if Nintendo required the console to be in the dock to charge? While some may not be bothered by the thought of this, as I now have a new baby i am finding myself gaming more in bed than ever. Being able to charge this device and play it as a portable is a necessity for me. Nintendo has announced the screen is 720p, while not a FHD display, at this size i believe it will be acceptable. The console price is going to start at $299 which is not surprising. I believe the Joy-Con controller is a gimmick, i see very little people actually using any motion controls(In typical white girl at Starbucks voice “That was so last years tech”). The internal storage will be 32GB, i believe this suggests they will be mainly marketing there cartridges over any game downloads. However, it will accept Micro SD cards which nowadays are really cheap. The launch lineup is ehhhh, to be quite honest if you are a Nintendo fan you probably will like the launch titles. Personally I stopped paying attention to Zelda after Ocarina of Time. In this price range i can imagine myself getting one, it seems to be a better fit than any current gen console for everyday life.

For further reading about more detailed specs i suggest the following article.

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