iPhone SE Review


During my experience over the last month with this phone i have been pleasantly surprised. The last iPhone i used as my daily driver was the iPhone 4. I loved the phone but at the time it felt restricted, even after jailbreaking it still seemed like great hardware being bogged down by iOS. Ever since i have been using android phones, in which all have Cyanogenmod and have been put to work. However, as i am getting older, having to raise a newborn, and being plain lazy i wanted a phone i could trust again. No bugs, no hassles, no extra work.



I have held an iPhone 6, i have held a Galaxy Note 4. But nothing can compare to the feel of the iPhone 5 or SE design. It is small, it is comfortable, and its beautiful. I opted for the gold (because it was all they had in stock) in which i am loving every second. It was quite the change going from my daily Note 4 to this little beast, but i have never been happier. I can use a phone with one hand, which believe it or not is hard to find with the standard for larger displays being more relevant in today’s markets. You may laugh but my favorite sized phone i ever had was the original Droid Incredible(which was awesome). This has that same feeling for me, its mobile and looks classy.



My god is this thing quick. So for those of you that don’t know i develop mobile games as a hobby. I was originally using a Note 4 for all of my testing. The iPhone SE tanks through all of my testing scenarios with thousands of 3D objects on the screen. The most significant for me is the battery life, and oh man was i surprised. With little usage i could easily get 3 days of battery out of this phone with Bluetooth, Location Services, and Hey Siri all running. With today’s phones that is incredibly impressive. When reading other reviews for this phone they say the downside is the screen. Sure, during nice days outside it may be hard to see at times but even over the years since the 5s was released this display is still top notch and in my opinion is better than my Note 4’s display. My biggest complaint with the hardware in this phone is the camera. My girlfriend has an iPhone 5s but during pictures her colors seem to be more vibrant. Its like the SE’s camera has a warmer picture(more yellow tint) than 5s, but the SE’s images may sometimes look unnatural in some lighting. The front facing camera is good enough for facetime and pictures which is all i can ask of it.



This was my main reason for originally stepping away from the iPhone scene. At the time i was big into rooting or jailbreaking my phones and trying to push them to their max without catching on fire. Nowadays i just need a phone that can do some phone calls and go on my social media accounts. I love how open android is, but over the years i feel as though more bugs have arisen to the point it is no longer worth the time. The best way i can describe my iOS experience is just that everything works. I haven’t had one bug yet in the month i have had my phone. Its fast, simple, and powerful and i was surprised with the amount i actually use Siri. However, i am a part of the iOS 10 beta. I may have some different opinions of iOS when that is actually released. Right now the biggest issue i have is the tap home to unlock feature, call me classy but i will always try and swipe to unlock. A future review with the full release will be a better time to say my thoughts.



The iPhone SE to me restored my love with Apple. iOS 9 just works and that’s the best compliment you can give it. If you like small phones, but also need a powerhouse this is that phone and i would highly recommend.