Stardew Valley Nintendo Switch Review

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Have you ever played Harvest Moon? Did you enjoy that game? If the answer to both of these is yes, then you should know what to expect from this game. A spiritual successor to one of the most charming games of my childhood, this game accomplishes everything it set out to do. Stardew Valley is one of the most thought out games I have ever played, the options within it seem limitless. You have the option of marriage, farming, fishing, livestock to keep your mind happy. What I believe really sets this game apart from most current entries, is the attention to detail. While Stardew Valley captures the essence of living in a small town, it also accomplishes to create thriving characters with multiple layers of depth. The amount of dialogue options almost seem limitless, and you legitimately feel for the characters within Pelican Town. However, current bugs sometimes kill the experience, while playing an arcade machine within the pub my game crashed. While you may be saying “oh a crash isnt a big deal,” in this game it seems more substantial. The only time the game saves is at night, so you have to repeat all the steps of taking care of your little farm. This may sound crazy, i’m already looking forward to starting a new farm with the information I now have, and this may be the greatest design concept of Stardew Valley. Having a game like this on a portable console only makes sense, it’s small installation file, and the fact you can take it with you anywhere really helps the experience as a whole. With a relatively low spec requirement, battery life has lasted me 5+ hours in handheld mode.



Replay Ability

This is where Stardew Valley really shines. With so much to do within the game you can’t really get bored. Want to start a winery? Want to become the worlds cutest fisher? What about just going old school with a lot of potatoes? Go for it. You can really tell that Chucklefish was developing a game that encouraged personal exploration, and mystery. Within it is an entire dungeon RPG, classic arcade games, relationships and it encourages the player to make their own decisions on how to play the game.





Uh oh, is that noise crackling I here? Yup, expect to hear a lot of it. While this may be patched in the future, the soundtrack is actually quite fantastic. I sure hope they fix these problems, although at low volume you will rarely hear any crackling. The atmosphere the sound does create, seems to entrance you, and sometimes you forget there is even music playing. I really hope they patch out the current problems, once they do, Stardew Valley will be a must own on the Nintendo Switch.




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