Has Been Heroes First Impressions


I was lucky enough to get a review copy of Has Been Heroes for the Nintendo Switch a few days ago. Don’t expect Has Been Heroes to be the best game for the Switch. Instead, expect it to be a hidden gem with a cult following. I have spent about 8 hours in the game and can say I have some solid opinions on its mechanics. Below is my “It” list describing my current thoughts on the game.

It’s Very Difficult

This game has a very steep learning curve. Over time you will learn what combination of moves work the best. But there is no hand holding along the way. Be ready to lose!

It’s Complex

This was something that caught me by surprise. I have spent 8 hours finding new combinations and implementing them in combat.

It’s Rewarding

Any time you beat a battle, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. One battle can be easy, but the next can be deadly. Surviving an onslaught early will make you have a false sense of confidence, so be careful.

It’s a Hidden Rhythm Game

This game is all about timing your three lanes to make incredible combos. Everything has to be timed perfectly to win.

It’s Got Problems

This game is definitely not perfect. Some things are very unbalanced, and you will get irritated. Be prepared to get randomized to death.

It’s Alright To Wait

During a battle, don’t always go after the first enemy that appears. Evaluate the three lanes before committing any time to a certain lane. You will regret having to wait for all 3 hero cool-downs when you are getting attacked from all lanes.

It’s Addicting

I’ve never been into games where Grinding is a good thing. However, this game uses a very good alternative. At the end of every run through you fill up a soul bucket(not sure what it’s actually called), when it becomes full you unlock more items, and spells. These will help in further battles.