For Honor Review

You ever watch a TV show that just lasts too long, like there is too much filler episodes just for more money. This game is the opposite, the story is short but incredibly promising. While not a masterpiece like The Last of Us, this game provides an action packed story with fantastic voice acting. There seem to be reviews out in the wild stating the AI is too easy in the story mode. Maybe i got a different copy of the game, but playing with the AI seems to be much more difficult than playing an online opponent. What impresses me is while the AI is difficult, nothing seems unfair. However, if you are thinking of buying this game for just the story, turn around right now and walk away.

I had very high hopes for this game last year. However, as we got closer to the release date I forgot why i was excited for For Honor. I came into this game expecting a complex fighting system, but what I found was something a lot better. In the words of Steve Jobs “Simple can be harder than Complex”, which i believe is true in the case of For Honor. While the fighting system in For Honor is deep, Ubisoft Montreal somehow made it simple and fun. Sure some characters may seem cheap, but that’s until you learn their weakness. After a few hours, i found myself trying to think of a better combat system. I could not think of one.

Is this game fun? Yes, this game is extremely fun. My last statement should be enough to buy this game. The only game i have played more in the opening week would be Rocket League. The multiplayer aspect of this game for me has been great. So far I have not entered a match with any kind of low latency. The skill curve happens gracefully while climbing into multiplayer. I have had epic battles, and one where a team gets obliterated. This style of play is what I like, this game forces the players to act like a team.

Wow, was my first impression after entering my first match. My GTX 970 was creating a silky smooth extravaganza of war. The texture detail and graphics are top notch. I have not had any issues with any stutter or hiccup of any kind. The amount of customization you can do to your character was also a pleasant surprise.


For Honor is a pleasant merge of fun, and competitiveness. Campaign has room to improve, but the rest of the experience goes off without a hitch. Its simple but deep battle system is where For Honor shines.

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