Rogue Islands First Impressions


I was lucky enough to get early access to Rogue Islands. This beautiful voxel based rogue-like game has absorbed my time. While this may be a new studio, this early access title is incredibly polished, and beautiful. Below is my “It” list describing my current thoughts on the game.

Its Jumping Mechanics are Fun

Takes a little while to get used to the jumping and levitation mechanics. But, once mastered this is a great tool for defeating all the enemies.

It’s Beautiful in its Own Way

First of all, I’m not a big fan of voxel graphics. But, this game runs like butter, and looks absolutely breathtaking. It has soft shadows, beautiful landscapes, and amazing particle effects.

It’s Heart Pumping Fun

You will be outnumber, and outgunned. Make sure to use your mobility against the enemy’s.

It’s Well Worth the Money

For $10 on Steam, this game is well worth it. Imagine first person Binding of Isaac, with less content. While that may sound bad, the core mechanics are there, and it’s still an incredible amount of fun.