Mr. Shifty First Impressions


I was lucky enough to get a review copy of Mr. Shifty for the Switch a day early. This game is in no way great, but is it bad? That really depends on the person, which is why instead of giving my own opinions, I instead, present what the game is, and what you should expect from it. After around 8 hours of play time, I believe I am ready to state some of my first impressions.  As always, below is my “It” list describing my current thoughts on the game.

It’s Difficult

You will retry the same section of the same level many times. BE CAREFUL OF THE LASERS! If you have played a game like Hotline Miami, then expect the same difficulty.

It’s Got a Unique Art Style

I enjoy seeing unique art directions in games. This is no exception, while you will not be getting realistic textures, the cartoon style shading gives it a nice smooth palette of beautifully simple colors.

It’s Got Performance Issues On Release

During hectic level you will experience some drops in frame rates. I find these to be few and far between at the moment. Due to this being a port(not by the original developer) it is possible that the Switch will not get an update that fixes some of these issues. Thus, if you buy the game, you must understand these fps issues may persist for some time.

It’s Essentially a Superhero Game

It’s actually a superhero game, one of my favorites at that. This game makes you feel untouchable, you will be taking out tons(and i mean TONS) of enemy’s using these powers.

It’s a Hotline Miami’s Fan Dream Game

Hotline Miami + Superpowers = All of the Fun

Its Levels are Long

You can be right next to the exit, but die and restart at the very beginning. This gives the game a nice mixture of caution and action sequences. Always be careful of your surroundings, plan your attacks, use the lasers to your advantage, AND THROW YOUR WEAPONS!