WWE 2k18 New Switch Release Window?
Stardew Valley Nintendo Switch Review
Stardew Valley Coming to the Nintendo Switch October 5th!
10 Tips for Being a Responsible Parent Gamer
Endless Space 2 Giveaway!

  • WWE 2k18 New Switch Release Window?
    Earlier today Nintendo of American tweeted:   Here are just some #NintendoSwitch & #3DS games that have come out recently with a glimps...
  • Stardew Valley Nintendo Switch Review
    Gameplay Have you ever played Harvest Moon? Did you enjoy that game? If the answer to both of these is yes, then you should know what to expect from ...
  • Stardew Valley Coming to the Nintendo Switch October 5th!
    In an announcement earlier this morning, the charming Stardew Valley will be making an appearance on the eShop starting October 5th. If you have not y...
  • 10 Tips for Being a Responsible Parent Gamer
    Summary When you become a parent, you lose a lot of your alone time. This makes it incredibly difficult to game. But, there is a way to be a responsi...
  • Endless Space 2 Giveaway!
    Want a free Steam copy of Endless space 2? Join our newsletter for a chance to win a copy of Endless Space 2! We will be selecting a random newslette...
  • Rogue Islands First Impressions
    Summary I was lucky enough to get early access to Rogue Islands. This beautiful voxel based rogue-like game has absorbed my time. While this may be a...
  • The Thought Bubble: Game Developer Transparency
    While following the upcoming Mr. Shifty performance patch for the Nintendo Switch, it has become abundantly clear on how different some game developer...
  • Flat Heroes Announced for Nintendo Switch
    In a press release this morning Deck13 and developer Parallel Circles announced they are currently working on a Nintendo Switch version of the already...
  • New Absolver Combat Trailer and Release Date
      The new Absolver trailer shows the great potential of what the game could become. Developer SloClap announced the new Combat Deck featur...
  • We Moved!
    Hello Readers, You may have noticed quite a dramatic change to our website. We have now moved to WordPress, and updated our newsletter system. So i...
  • Mr. Shifty Performance Patch Delayed
    According to tinyBuild employee Alex Nichiporchik, the Mr. Shifty performance patch for the Nintendo Switch has been delayed due to "Gold Week". If yo...
  • Mr. Shifty First Impressions
    This game is in no way great, but is it bad? That really depends on the person, which is why instead of giving my own opinions, I instead, presen...
  • Has Been Heroes First Impressions
    Don't expect Has Been Heroes to be the best game for the Switch. Instead, expect it to be a hidden gem with a cult following.
  • For Honor Review
    Wow, was my first impression after entering my first match. My GTX 970 was creating a silky smooth extravaganza of war.
  • Rocket League With Friends #1
    Be sure to watch my first YouTube video! You will see video reviews, along with written reviews in the future.
  • Nintendo Switch Announcements and What it Means
    We learned few details during the first big Nintendo Switch conference last night. But what does it mean for the future?
  • Best Tech Deal of the Day
    Do you need a better monitor for home? We got your back.
  • Rimworld Review
    Story This game takes an interesting approach to storytelling. Although most of the story is player driven, there is an "AI Storyteller" that will gi...
  • Xbox Play Anywhere Available on September 13th
     Cross-PlatformAt E3 Microsoft Announced there new there new Cross-Platform team of Windows 10 and Xbox One. For those of you that don't know the...
  • iPhone SE Review
    The glorious iPhone SE

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